Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Great gifted education articles from 2022

Here are a few of my gifted education faves for 2022 
(in no particular order). These Top 10 articles challenge pre-existing concepts and include views of twice-exceptionalities, the excellence gap, personality types, and the lasting effects of an inadequate education.

How to narrow the excellence gap in early elementary school

"the excellence gap appears long before high school. It looks much the same as far back as fourth grade..."

Schools are killing curiosity: Why we need to stop telling children to shut up and learn

"Promoting curiosity is a foundation for early learning that we should be emphasizing more when we look at academic achievement.”

Smart kids, personality types, and how they adapt - or not - to school

"...within the student population, there were many gifted children whose personalities allowed them to cooperate in school even when it contributed to their own underachievement..."

Gifted students need a "continuum of services" now more than ever

"Systems need to be in place to support teachers facing such a range of achievement levels by providing a continuum of services... This requires flexibility in services, placements, and programming to allow for continual entrance, exit, and re-entry points."

Gifted, on the spectrum, or both?

"Both giftedness and autism fall on a spectrum, so while there may be individuals who clearly fit into one box or another, some behaviors might be more ambiguous and require additional information, context, or professional opinions."

When the "gifted" kids aren't alright

"[Studies] confirm the detrimental effect of a gifted mind left unchallenged, proving that 'busy work' does more than simply leave the child bored... Gifted children will regularly underperform academically against peers later in life, despite a heightened skill set."

Autism treatment shifts away from "fixing" the condition

“We’ve moved away from thinking of autism as a condition that needs to be eliminated or fixed to thinking about autism as part of the neurodiversity that exists across humankind.”

How can the United States better support gifted education?

"...some of the most important steps we can take as a country would be to ensure that all qualified students have access to gifted programs... to provide appropriate training for teachers who work with gifted students, and to allow gifted students to learn at their own pace."

Why ADHD in women is routinely dismissed, misdiagnosed, and treated inadequately

"ADHD in women does not comply with stereotypes. Its distinct symptom presentation is skewed toward inattentiveness – a feature that explains, in part, why ADHD in women is still largely misunderstood, overlooked, and inadequately studied."

A top researcher says it's time to rethink our entire approach to preschool

"...we've simply asked too much of pre-K, based on early results... We might actually get better results, she says, from simply letting little children play."

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