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 I am thrilled to announce the upcoming publication of my new book, "The Gifted Parenting Journey: A Guide to Self-discovery and Support for Families of Gifted Children."


The book is available through Amazon on 10/5/22 (pre-orders are now available) and through the publisher at Gifted Unlimited Press

"The Gifted Parenting Journey" addresses the needs and emotional life of parents of gifted children. Gifted children can be overwhelming; parents must navigate a maze of heightened intensity, asynchronous development, and astonishing intellectual abilities. They also must cultivate advocacy skills for tackling the often predictable disappointments awaiting their child in most schools. These challenges can trigger a range of emotions that are not always easy to discuss with friends or professionals unfamiliar with giftedness. As a result, parents of gifted children often struggle in relative silence, reluctant to voice their concerns. 

While many excellent books about raising gifted children are available, most focus on the child, but pay little attention to parent's unique experience. This book, instead, guides parents along their gifted parenting journey. What they might experience, worry about, and feel. What nags at them, stumps them, and evokes their greatest concerns. What deep emotions fill them with dread and envy and regret. How they can weather and even thrive despite roadblocks to their child's education, criticism from others based on stereotypes of the gifted, and their own self-doubts. Understanding their thoughts, assumptions, and feelings - and distinguishing these emotions from what their child needs - is key to making informed parenting decisions.

"The Gifted Parenting Journey" addresses the challenges parents of gifted children face and recommends how to find the guidance and support they need. Cultivating self-awareness, though, is central to the gifted parenting journey. Throughout this book, parents are invited to discover more about their deeper emotions and motivations, what influences their attitudes and expectations, and how certain reactions are elicited in response to the gifted experience. Readers are prompted to explore questions that should increase self-awareness, and are offered both practical tools for managing their emotions and guidelines for improving their parenting skills.

This book combines the latest research and theory, clinical insight based on decades of experience as a psychologist, and vignettes from situations parents of gifted children routinely face, along with some of my experience as a parent. In addition, findings from a recent online survey of 428 parents of gifted children, initiated for the purpose of this book, explores what other parents want readers to know. While this book is specifically geared toward parents of the gifted, it also offers guidance for anyone interested in understanding gifted children and their families: grandparents, extended family, caregivers, teachers, and other professionals. The guidance, support, and increased self-awareness acquired through this book should enhance parents' well-being and confidence along their gifted parenting journey.

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