Workshops for schools

Workshops for parents and teachers are now available through Zoom. Workshops address the social/emotional and behavioral issues commonly seen among gifted children, and provide guidance and support for teachers and parents concerned about supporting them within the schools. 

Workshop topics listed below focus on guiding teachers and parents toward a greater understanding of the gifted child. Open-ended, discussion-oriented workshops also are available as a support for working with gifted children, since greater self-discovery and an appreciation of one's own needs as a parent or teacher often best inform both parenting and teaching. My experience as a Clinical Psychologist and group psychotherapist contributes to providing a safe and informative experience for those attending these workshops.

Workshops for teachers

  • Managing the social and emotional needs of gifted children
  • Addressing socially awkward and isolated children
  • Recognizing emotional factors associated with underachievement
  • Helping high achieving, anxious, perfectionistic students 
  • Encouraging risk-taking and resilience
  • Helping gifted students find the best "fit" for college planning
  • Working collaboratively with parents of gifted children

Workshops for parents

  • Managing the highs and lows of parenting a gifted child
  • Helping your anxious, perfectionistic child
  • Dealing with intensity and oversensitivity
  • Challenging inertia and underachievement
  • Working collaboratively with your child's teacher
  • Helping your child find his or her social niche and prevent isolation
  • Planning ahead for college 
  • Banishing guilt, worry, and unrealistic expectations as parents

For more information, please contact me at or 215 884-9260.