Friday, December 27, 2013

Top ten blog posts and articles about gifted children in 2013

There were so many great articles and blog posts in 2013 about gifted children and adolescents, each covering a range of topics. Yet, when I narrowed down my list of favorites, they all reflected the theme of advocacy. Some of the articles provided greater understanding related to specific educational or emotional needs. Others directly challenged misconceptions and inadequate educational opportunities. The articles range from personalized reactions and opinions to formal NAGC position papers. So here they are:

America and its high potential kids

GIFTED should not be a dirty word: Oops, I said it...again

Can't we all just get an education?

Why I believe in gifted education in public schools

Gifted and talented: Generally from the upper class and capable of solving their own problems - Really?

Actually, Mr. Godin, we ARE born this way

Medical misdiagnosis in the gifted

Twice exceptional - smart kids with learning differences

Ensuring 2e students receive appropriate services

Mandated services for gifted and talented students

With so many to choose from, I had to leave out many wonderful posts, and apologize if one of your favorites was overlooked. If you want to suggest a blog post or article that really stood out this year, please add it to the comments section.

And thanks to all of you who have followed my blog during its first year. Starting this blog was a new experience for me, and I have learned a lot... and am still learning! If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Best wishes for a healthy and happy new year.



  1. Thank you for the inclusion of my blog post from Gifted Parenting Support on Why I Believe in Gifted Education in Public Schools. These are all excellent choices, but many of your posts would be included on my personal list of favorites. I try to post links to your wonderful blog as often as possible. Thank you for all the excellent information you share here! Regards, Lisa Conrad

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