Tuesday, June 19, 2018

When children are torn from their families: A brief note

I am on vacation now, and had not considered writing. But despite my retreat from all things hectic, I can't ignore the current immigration policy where children are being torn from their families.

So this brief post is not related to giftedness. It is about humanity and kindness and support and advocacy for children regardless of their background.

Some might say that those who fled their countries and "trespass" on U.S. soil should know better, and should not bring their children with them. They should "know" that the no-tolerance policy will result in separation. This argument ignores the trauma inflicted upon these children, and the shameful actions of those who allow this to occur.

A local psychologist started a petition directed at local, state and national leaders to remind them of the long-term psychological impact of forced separation. At this point, thousands of psychologists, social workers, and laypersons have signed this petition. I urge you to read it. And please consider signing it if you agree: Stop border separation of children from parents.

Thank you for listening.



  1. Thank you for this, Gail. We all need to be speaking out.

    1. Thanks, Paula. Yes, a necessary issue that calls out to so many.

  2. Thank you for stepping up and sharing this important information on your blog. I've signed it and am watching closely for sanity to prevail... soon, I pray.

    1. Terry, Thanks for signing this. I hope that our nation moves quickly to stop this terrible situation.